Drivebot works with OBD-II compatible cars which are most cars sold in US since 1996. However, some car models might not support some of our features e.g. fuel consumption. To find out whether your car supports or not, please follow these simple steps. For more question, please contact us at support@drivebot.io
OBD(On-Board Diagnostics) is a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. It lets car owners or repair technicians access to the status data of vehicles.
(ref : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-board_diagnostics)
Yes. Drivebot access to the engine alert codes in your own car’s computer which are usually pulled by mechanics when you go to the repair shop. So, you can ensure that the data shown in the app is accurate.
Drivebot supports both iOS(7.0 or later) and Android(4.0 or later).
No! Drivebot only reads data from your car, not modifying it. It’s the same process as when the mechanics diagnose your car problems.


Normally, Drivebot uses very small amount of power to work. When Drivebot is in sleep mode, you can left Drivebot plugged in your car for about 2 weeks(normal car’s battery drains out within one month, or faster if your car is Mercedes or BMW).
You will hear a triple beeps sound, then, the green light would be flashing for a moment before turning off.
Drivebot can show your fuel usage by calculates from many factors from your car’s sensors.
Therefore, if your car did not provide Drivebot enough data for the calculation, Drivebot will not be able to show the amount of fuel usage.
It’s because your car is not fully compatible with Drivebot. But don’t worry, we are fixing this issue.

If you have any questions or suggestion. You can reach us on support@drivebot.io

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