Getting Started

Every car always send a hidden message to its driver when there’ll be a problem. However, we usually don’t notice it, do we? This leads to huge repair cost or even worst, the casualty.

That’s why we created Drivebot.

Drivebot is an app-powered dongle that works like your personal auto mechanic, not just an ordinary one, a good one! It helps monitor your car’s health 24/7 for worry-free driving. Also, it will learn your driving style to save more money on gas and automatically log your trips for tax refund.

Feeling Excited?

Firstly, find the OBD-II port in your car, which is available on almost cars sold since 1996.

For more information about the port’s location, please read your car’s manual.

OBD-II Port Location

It usually located below the steering wheel. However, it may located in other location for some car model.

How To Setup

Icon-(1) Plug the Drivebot dongle into your car’s OBD-II port and start your engine.

Icon-(2) Connect your smartphone with Drivebot via Bluetooth.

Icon-(3) Download the iOS or Android app and follow the instructions to get started.

Get Help

If you have any questions or suggestion. You can reach us on


Please read the Terms of Services before start using our product and service.

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